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Typical Thermo Plant Equipment

  • Pyrolysis Rotary Kilns

    Indirect Heated kilns for waste pyrolysis, matreail and ebergy recycling, new materials production

  • Direct Heated Rotary Kilns

    Gasification, Activated carbon, Hazardous waste incineration

  • Auxiliary Equipment

    Dryers, Coolers, Heaters, Condensers, Burners, Combustion Chambers, Fans, Pumps, Feed Sorting

  • Waste Heat Boilers

    Medium and High pressure Boliers; gas and biomass fueling

  • Steam Turbines

    Turbine-Generator sets for electricity production at Waste-to-Energy plants

  • Gas Cleaning

    Flue Gas Cleaning Equipment: NOx, SOx, VOC, HCl and other harmful components

Thermo Plants: design and supply


All projects could be delivered on basis of ExW, FCA, DDU or CIP and turn-key as required.

Typical projects performed include:

  • Pyrolysis rotary kilns.
  • Pyrolysis units.
  • Waste-to-Energy pyrolysis plants.
  • Plastics pyrolysis plants with oil condensation.
  • MSW pyrolysis plants including presorting and RDF production.
  • Flue gas cleaning units.
  • Direct heated rotary kilns.
  • Hazardous waste incineration.

Thermo Plant Equipment Realization as shown at our sites

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  • Pyrolysis in rotary kilns and waste treatment in direct heated rotary kilns. Waste-to-energy pyrolysis plants

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  • Turn-key waste pyrolysis plants for material and energy recycling.

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  • Pyrolysis in major waste management problems: MSW, plastics, sludge; coal power plants conversion.

Pyrolysis Units

Waste-to-Energy Plants

Gas Cleaning Units